Team Macedonia

Gaurav - CEO

Responsible for the development of international business of CEL India, Gaurav Semwal is positioned as the CEO of CEL Global, the Macedonian subsidiary of CEL India. Mr. Semwal works in the Skopje office of CEL Global in Macedonia and manages the business investments of CEL Global in Macedonia. Mr. Semwal is a qualified Chartered Accountant after which he did his Masters in Business Administration. Before joining CEL Global Mr. Semwal worked for more than seven and half years in the India office of PricewaterhouseCoopers. During his employment with PwC Mr. Semwal advised large companies on issues such as corporate strategy, project management, market entry strategy, bid advisory support, business process reviews, financial appraisal of projects, market analysis and regulatory studies.

Maja Trpkovska – Education Officer

Maja Trpkovska is responsible for conceptualizing and helping in establishing St. Paul’s International KG School in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia. She’s assisting the company in setting up and operating an International High School in Skopje, actively support the company in performing its obligations under the education mandate received CEL Pvt. Ltd from the Government of Macedonia under the Macedonia “One World Project”.

Alexandra Lazarova- Executive Assistant

Aleksandra Lazarova is our first CEL Global employee. She has outstanding analytical abilities, strong work ethic and is a proven team player in fast-paced environments. Aleksandra assists CEL Global Director, Mr. Amreesh Chandra and CEL Global CEO, Mr. Gaurav Semwal.
She is responsible for organizing and coordinating project activities required for undertaking the mandate given to CEL Global by the Government of Macedonia under the “Macedonia Education One World Project”.
Aleksandra assists Mrs. Preeti Chandra in setting up and operating St. Paul’s International Kindergarten in Skopje and International High School in Skopje.
Aleksandra has extensive previous experience in “PricewaterhouseCoopers” Skopje, Macedonia.
She is also a Certified Junior Trainer in Global PACT Activism and Cross Cultural Methods and has also worked on “USAID Civil Society Project”.
Aleksandra earned a university degree in English Language and Literature and Spanish Language from Ss, “ Cyril and Methodius” University, Faculty of Philology, Skopje, Macedonia.

Sojna Taneska - Executive Assistant

Sonja Taneska is responsible for organizing and coordinating the projects of CEL Global in Macedonia, St. Paul’s International KG School in Skopje, “Veles Education City” and St. Paul’s International High School. She has worked as a journalist, marketing and communications for a 10 years. With her working experience she will actively support the company in developing in Macedonian education market.